Alamo Lake BM Loop

2017-02-23 4

Four years ago, almost to the day, I first hiked the Alamo Lake BM Loop. Back in early 2013, I was still trying to find […]

Vulture Peak

2016-01-14 0

So, the desert race having been last week, I planned on hitting Camp Bouse Peak this week. Rather than take the long route via Bouse […]

Camp Bouse

2014-02-09 0

Camp Bouse was one of twelve camps in the American Army’s World War II Desert Training Center (DTC), or California-Arizona Maneuver Area (CAMA). The DTC […]

Alamo Lake BM Loop

2013-02-22 0

Time constraints prevented me from hiking the benchmarks out to (gravel) Alamo Rd a few weeks ago. In reviewing the topo, I noticed there was […]

Eagle Eye Peak

2013-02-18 0

Second week in a row out in Aguila with Pam, this time to scale Eagle Eye Peak and it’s house-sized arch. Turns out there is […]

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