Roadside Memorials #4

U.S. 95, U.S. 60 & AZ-89

This little girl died in the town of Hope.
This little girl died in the town of Hope.

My two main hobbies are hiking and making videos. (It even says that on my twitter profile. ;-)) The subject of the videos varies: cemeteries, my t-shirt collectionroadside memorials, ghost towns, off roading, Phoenix Asshole Drivers — even hiking. (Duh!) The list is endless. ;-)

But this week I did not get out of Phoenix for a more interesting hike, that I could turn into a video, thus leaving a significant chunk of spare time in this retiree’s week.

Needing exercise, I instead did a quick hike on the Phoenix Mountains Preserve’s Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100.

That left a video to produce, and so I dug into my archive of previously unvideoed roadside memorials to post this …

Roadside Memorial Video

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