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Air Pollution

Phoenix, AZ: Flourescent green smog inversion layer.
Phoenix, AZ: Flourescent green smog inversion layer.

I went to high school in the South Bay part of Los Angeles. My high school was maybe a mile from the beach. Despite the ocean breeze, occasionally football practice would get cancelled due to poor air quality. (As I recall, the term then was “Category IV”). The Southland was famous back in the 70s for awful air pollution, particularly as you headed east along I-10 into Pasadena and Riverside, as the mountains concentrated the air, and whatever was floating in it.

I’ve said before, “Phoenix always wanted to be L.A., and now it is.” Today, as seen in the picture above, and the video below, is another example. I could actually clearly see the mountains surrounding Phoenix, even South Mountain, but below that, in the south Valley, there was a horrendous flourescent green inversion layer, about 500 ft. thick. (Judging by the buildings in downtown Phoenix.) It looked like Mother Nature broke open its glow stick.

These are the relevant statistics:

  • PM2.5 63 (moderate)
  • PM10 = 56 (moderate)
  • Ozone = 43 (good)
  • Carbon Monoxide = 18 (good)
  • 64°
  • 30.11 in. pressure
  • Humidity 23%
  • Winds 0 mph

Distance: 2.78 mi.

AEG: 369 ft.

Time: 57m

Smog Video

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