Plymouth, WI

Run away! Run away!

Up “late”, by my standards, for another 6:30 a.m. walk.

This morning, I simply headed west on Sumac Rd., almost all the way to the dead end, before turning around and heading back to our B&B.

As on my Tuesday loop to Winooski, most of my attention was directed towards the numerous roadside flowers. I have no idea what they are all called, but the same 4-5 species are bonkers everywhere in Sheboygan County. If you know what they are called, drop me a comment below.

At the top of the hill, I dashed across County E. Continuing west, I passed an apple orchard, a really nice spread with a private lake, and more corn fields. It’s a shame I am honest, or I would have picked a few ears. Wisconsin corn is the best! 🌽🤗

After curving north around a bit of swamp, and accidentally starting down some guy’s long drive way, I turned left on Sumac Rd., rather than continuing north on Oak Rd.

As I stepped off the road, through some weeds, to take a picture of a flower, I stopped dead in my tracks upon noticing a thumb size spider blocking my way. I stayed calm long enough to take his picture, before backing cautiously away.

There was a new house being built along the road. Not sure what it was going for, but I grabbed a land brochure from the info box, and they had paid $69,000 for only three acres. Houses are much cheaper in Wisconsin, so it seemed kind of odd land would be so costly.

Grumpy's Ice Cream is in Egg Harbor, right next to Casey's BBQ, where we had lunch.
Grumpy’s Ice Cream is in Egg Harbor, right next to Casey’s BBQ, where we had lunch.

I turned around at the Onion River, which is a trout fishing spot (limit two, 12″ minimum). I thought I heard something big in the woods, but after waiting a few minutes did not spot it. So, I headed back east on Sumac Rd. to our B&B.

Breakfast at The Inn on Hillwind could not be nicer: Different table linen & menu each morning. This morning, french toast with cream cheese spread and Drewry Farm maple syrup.

My wife & I spent the rest of the day driving up to Door County, where I had not been in 20-something years, since visiting my Gulf War-era girlfriend and her daughters, who lived in Sturgeon Bay. We drove the west side of the peninsula through the half dozen traffic-choked tourist towns: Egg Harbor, Fish Creek, Ephraim, Sister Bay, etc. At least there are many good ice cream parlors along the way. 🍦😛

We drove all the way to the end of the Door County peninsula at Northport, where the ferry leaves for Washington Island. I had never been all the way to the end. After watching some Lake Michigan waves, we took the less frequently trafficked WI-57 back along Door County’s east shore.

Distance: 4.98 mi.

AEG: 179 ft.

Time: 1h 32m

Roadside Flowers of Sheboygan County

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