Phoenix Asshole Drivers #19

Phoenix Traffic Stress Disorder

Phoenix Asshole Drivers #19

My crappy SpyTec A118C finally crapped out just after Christmas. Ho ho ho.

I had my car in the dealer for regular maintenance, and when I pulled out, the crappy SpyTec A118C did not turn on. I thought the dealer had maybe accidentally flipped some switch or something, but turns out the lighter plug had basically shattered internals. That would explain why it seemed like it was so easy for even the slightest bump by my garage door opener would knock it off line.

Ah well, fuck ’em.

Off to Amazon, and bought a Z-Edge S4. It runs on battery, rather than a capacitor, which can be an issue in the heat, but my wife’s Z3 seems to get along okay. (Plus has a much easier menu to navigate.) Additionally, the S4 is a dual cam, so I’ll theoretically have the rear coverage I’ve been hoping for. We’ll see how it goes. At my present rate of publishing Phoenix Asshole Driver videos, Z-Edge S4 footage should start showing up in March.

This month’s Phoenix Asshole Drivers:

  1. Exploding freeway garbage.
  2. Bizarre driving in Yarnell.
  3. Prius driver. 🙄
  4. When good love goes bad: The Barrio Edition.
  5. Mid-month King Asshole.

Phoenix Asshole Drivers #19

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