Phoenix Asshole Drivers #18

Phoenix Traffic Stress Disorder

Phoenix Asshole Drivers #18

I-10 is an infuriating road to drive on, no matter where you are on it between Tucson and points west. The section through Phoenix might be the least worst, at least off peak, because there are more than two lanes, so when Gramps — I fought in the great W-W-Two, and BY GOD, I have a right! — decides to park his Winnebago in the left lane, you at least have options to bypass his slow ass. Not so, outside of Phoenix.

Instead, you are stuck behind the slow guy in the left lane, passing the even slower guy in the right lane at a rate of one foot of gain for every mile travelled. As bad as being in the passing lane, in a 75 mph zone, doing 65, passing a guy doing 60 is, it can always get worse. Of course it can.

I was not exagerrating a few sentences ago. I’ve been stuck behind a guy doing 55 passing a guy doing 54.9, in a 75 mph zone. I shit you not. It literally took him 20 miles to complete the pass, all the way from Buckeye to Tonopah!

This month’s Phoenix Asshole Drivers:

  1. Slow people on I-10.
  2. More cutoffs than roundup at the King Ranch.
  3. Some seriously late red light runners.
  4. Tonka Toy bashes bridge.
  5. This month’s King Asshole.

Phoenix Asshole Drivers #18

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