Feast of the Flamingo

1980-01-17 0

I am the black pudding Ahh … see the corrupt munchkins With mucous rivers running down thier faces Encrusting in thier clothes Dripping onto thier […]

Eensy Weensy Spider

1979-01-20 0

The eensy weensy spider, Climbed up its victim’s neck, Down came a hand, And squashed the spider flat, Up came the sun, And dried out […]


1979-01-19 0

Go on playing your little death games The darkness sparkling merrily in your twisted souls Twittering Deathbird salivating in your desire to debase Cackling at […]

Whisper Winds

1979-01-17 0

Wind whisper Send sun-baked leaves on thier way Wash over the ground Grasses bend at your advance Peaceful Existence. Sun’s gravity whips you furious Stormheads […]


1979-01-16 0

I’m like a whisp of wind, Nobody notices if I come in; Nobody notices if I blow about, Nobody notices if I scream and shout; […]

Nothing Minds

1978-01-20 0

My school Filled with robotic little-minds Scurrying to and fro From anthill hives Gathering around – hot candy conversations Simon says “Follow the Leader!” Non-thinking […]

Black Balls

1978-01-19 0

Black Balls In front of my eyes Black Balls Dangle from my thighs. Black Balls Swirl in space Black Balls Slash my face. Black Balls […]


1978-01-18 0

I gaze at her thighs And kiss her horror filled eyes And when it’s all done I’m the only one.

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