Masturbation Blues

1986-01-20 0

I’ve got phantom lovers And I’ve got shadow kisses I’ve got the heated touch that never misses My love’s whispered to echoing halls And reflected […]


1986-01-19 0

Born in chaos Lived in chaos Died in chaos Rest in Peace. This poem was published in the Spring’93 issue of “Ink Waves”, the literary […]


1985-01-20 0

When … Rest impulse on clouds Drifting turn to foreign shores Shifting uncertain sands Reach for the surface Caress the wave Flitting image cries Wings […]

When I Sleep

1985-01-19 0

I trace the outline of your face, As I wipe away the day’s dust; To ponder the future, And what it holds for us. Narcos […]

In Search Of …

1984-01-20 0

When the World ends Where will I go? When I die What will I do? I just hope you’re there To help me through.

Trip Ticket

1984-01-20 0

Thumb’s up The please stop can’t wait light Smiling faces History speeding on in exhaust Sun rising Waiting in trip ticket pose Slipping by Hey […]

There Are No Solutions

1984-01-18 0

There are no solutions We’re running around in circles Chasing dreams that always seem to fade Searching for love we never seem to find Hoping […]

Temporary Lover

1984-01-17 0

To Nina He smiles with his face, But not with his heart; He says he loves you , But uses you from the start. To […]

What Will We Do?

1981-05-19 0

Murdering, and robbing, and raping, the Dream … The Presidents shot The Pope is shot The World is shot as well. Patriotic Irishman, name of […]

30 Jan. 81

1981-01-30 0

Magic potion Extroversion Release. Rushing erratically about Mad to live, mad to die Scream and shout Tango in the sky. Ride the yellow carriage Meet […]

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