Turd of the Week #5

1999-02-19 0

Cavalry to the Rescue! Just when I was thinking there would be no appropriate nominee for Turd of the Week, IFAB comes to the rescue. […]

Turd of the Week #4

1999-02-12 0

Italian Standards of Postal Rapidity The Turd of the Week award was delayed this week as I awaited final information (last week’s copy of Soccer America). […]

Turd of the Week #3

1999-02-05 0

True Genius at Work My copy of Soccer America arrived yesterday. No, they are not the turds (though their editorial Q&A on the web site is rather […]

Turd of the Week #2

1999-01-29 0

“UEFA keen to start two referees experiment” > CAPE TOWN, Jan 27 (Reuters) – UEFA said on Wednesday it would start > experimenting with two […]

Turd of the Week #1

1999-01-22 0

“Biennial World Cup gains support of U.S. president Contiguglia” NEW YORK (Thursday, January 21, 1999) — Hoping to have the United States host the World […]

Northern Light

1997-10-24 0

Throb, throb Slick & greasy Grasped inside mauling digits Flipped from detached branches Eyes open to the screeching rhythmic peace Pain so loud it’s pure […]


1996-03-24 0

I place my circle around your neck And bind my soul to yours Forever Written in a muddy tent in Bosnia.  

Shattered Orchard

1996-03-17 0

Brown, dry thistle Lonely, half dead Softly dancing In its crystal bed Golden-haired angel Graceful and pure Sit and whisper Soothing, unspoken cure Written somewhere in […]


1995-10-02 0

The fleeting thought Unless scribed Is soon left behind Like the one that went before


1995-10-02 0

Loneliness in ancient gardens Wooden figures fleeting Guardians guiding Lost among mobile mountains Whose goddesses possess The hero Long tile of tragicomedy Spasmodic pulsing Crossing […]

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