Romero Pools

2018-04-27 1

Friday is my normal hiking day. That gives me all weekend to work on the resulting photos, video & blog, and have the whole thing […]

Fuck You Pappadeaux

2018-04-08 0

Layover in Houston, after Easter trip to Hagerstown and kart racing in Jacksonville. Me? Thirsty as hell. Wife? Feet hurting so bad, she had to […]

Hiking Beer #3

2018-04-07 0

It’s been 14 months since my last hiking beer video. 😕 I could have done one earlier. Lord knows, I could have done several. I […]

Pass Mountain Trail #282

2018-03-20 1

I planned to hike Black Canyon Trail today, as the segments north of Rock Springs Cafe are an underrated source of beautiful spring flowers, in […]

Cottonwood Spring Loop

2018-03-06 0

Last week, exploring Boulder Mine, was an ‘away’ hike. This week was supposed to be another ‘locals hike’. My plan was to hike a loop […]

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