My T-Shirt Collection, Pt. 2

T-Shirts #24-46

My first t-shirt video, just about a year ago, had 23 of my oldest t-shirts, including one that dated back to 1980! It no longer fits, as I have grown two sizes since basic training. 😐

I don’t press my t-shirts, or keep my collection in a climate-controlled closet, or anything serious like that. I actually wear them. Though at a current count of 140+, any given t-shirt only rotates around every four months or so.

Of the 23 t-shirts in this video, here are the highlights:

  • Two from the Neon Museum in Las Vegas.
  • One from Preston, Minnesota, where they were kind enough to name every business in town after me. 😉
  • Race for the Children, a charity bike ride for homeless kids.
  • Three from Endurance Karting races I have done.
  • You must be Irish … ☘️

No long hike worth turning into a video, this week, so I hope you enjoy this instead.🙂

Feel free to comment, share & like below. 😁

T-Shirt Video

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