35th Signal Brigade Patch Boogie 'til You Bounce

Specialist McMurry Goes to Grenada

50th Signal Battalion Crest

Grenada Main

82nd Platoon TacSat Team
82nd Platoon TacSat Team :
SGT Eric Link and Bob Muirer

For two years in the early-80's, I was a specialist 4th class in the 82nd Platoon (TACCP), Alpha Company, 50th Signal Battalion, 35th Signal Brigade, XVIII Airborne Corps.

Because my team had two of the only seven TacSat radios in the Army at that time, we served as the communications link between the 82nd Airborne Division and the XVIII Airborne Corps.

"Specialist McMurry Goes to Grenada" is the story of my experiences during Operation Urgent Fury, between October 22, 1983, and December, 1983.

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