Mega Church Loop

Blue Bike Sign

Listed as “road biking” as it was mostly canal, streets and bike paths, even though I ride a mountain bike. Down to Crack Whore Corner — sorry no photo log — then west on Mountain View to canal. Canal path (aka “the homeless highway”) to Rose Mofford park, north through parkway on bike path to Cave Creek Golf Course, then across 19th Ave. to North Hills Church. There was a golf ball on the curb, a good 500 yards from the nearest fairway. Tiger must have taken another drop. :roll: Continued on bike path through Moon Valley Park to 7th St, followed Greenway sidewalk — not crazy enough to ride major artery in rush hour even with a bike lane — turning up 18th St. into neighborhood north and east of Lookout Mountain. Took 20th St. to Home Depot on Thunderbird, then got on Cave Creek Rd. sidewalk. (Almost blocked in several spots by overgrown brush or minor rock falls.) West on Peoria back into neighborhood. Not bad for my first bike ride of any real length in eight months, especially since everytime I rode west or southwest (about 1/4 of the distance) it was into a headwind strong enough to make flags stand out straight. I need to find my old ride logs. Hopefully they are around somewhere …

Distance: 17.30 mi.

AEG: 512 ft.

Time: 1h 51m

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