Hikes 2018

This page includes all my 2018 exercise events: hiking, biking, gym cardio, etc.

Distances in miles and feet.

01-16Neighborhood WalkAZ2.2222145m
01-15Pointe Tapatio Golf Course LoopAZ2.6833555m
01-14Neighborhood WalkAZ1.5723931m
01-13Neighborhood WalkAZ2.3314546m
01-12Miners Needle LoopAZ9.9815504h 15m
01-11Neighborhood WalkAZ2.5016849m
01-10Pointe Tapatio Golf Course LoopAZ2.834181h 00m
01-09Walk to Post OfficeAZ2.4815041m
01-08Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ2.5745455m
01-07Pointe Tapatio Golf Course LoopAZ2.0534244m
01-06Neighborhood WalkAZ2.0120840m
01-05Granite Mountain Hotshots Memorial TrailAZ5.6013302h 24m
01-04Walk to Post OfficeAZ2.4815040m
01-03Pointe Tapatio Golf Course LoopAZ2.924801h 00m
01-02Neighborhood WalkAZ2.1011840m
01-01Walk to Post OfficeAZ2.4815042m