Hikes 2017

This page includes all my 2017 exercise events: hiking, biking, gym cardio, etc.

Distances in miles and feet.

04-26Pointe Tapatio Golf Course LoopAZ2.9038059m
04-25Neighborhood WalkAZ2.3217548m
04-24Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ3.264121h 05m
04-23Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ4.305311h 15m
04-22Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ3.243001h 05m
04-21Neighborhood WalkAZ2.6218551m
04-19Walk to Post OfficeAZ2.4815041m
04-14A.T.: Wolfsville Rd to Pen MarMD11.8420854h 29m
04-07Cave Creek / Skunk Tank LoopAZ10.7219094h 46m
03-31White Sands - Alkali Flat TrailNM5.336001h 55m
03-28Walk to Post OfficeAZ2.4815040m
03-24Buckeye Copper Mine
/ Hargan Mine
AZ9.1311074h 00m
03-20Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ2.7940457m
03-18Pointe Tapatio Golf Course LoopAZ3.103741h 10m
03-17Neighborhood WalkAZ2.9118959m
03-16Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ3.223001h 01m
03-15Walk to Post OfficeAZ2.4815041m
03-14Neighborhood WalkAZ2.9015756m
03-10BCT: Crown King Rd. to Bumble BeeAZ8.3210783h 37m
03-08Walk to Post OfficeAZ2.4815043m
03-04Neighborhood WalkAZ2.6415046m
03-02Palo Verde Trail #512AZ8.2510713h 13m
02-23Alamo Lake BM LoopAZ11.4818375h 12m
02-22Walk to Post OfficeAZ2.4815039m
02-19Neighborhood WalkAZ1.8513535m
02-17Walk Home From TherapyAZ6.352281h 50m
02-16Walk to Post OfficeAZ2.4815041m
02-12Walkin' Jim TrailAZ9.5910913h 56m
02-10Neighborhood WalkAZ2.2226046m
02-08Pointe Tapatio Golf Course LoopAZ3.323021h 02m
02-07Walk to Post OfficeAZ2.4815039m
02-06Walk to StoreAZ3.473621h 02m
02-04Shaw Butte Trail #306AZ6.9111972h 16m
01-31North MountainAZ2.5562448m
01-27South Mountain LoopAZ10.8314884h 26m
01-26Walk to Post OfficeAZ2.4815040m
01-23North MountainAZ2.5562447m
01-22Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ3.613921h 04m
01-18Lake Pleasant AT-6 Plane Crash SiteAZ8.7312604h 53m
01-13Quien Sabe PeakAZ12.6126856h 19m
01-11North MountainAZ2.5562450m
01-07Walk to Post OfficeAZ2.4815040m
01-06Bouse Hill & CemeteryAZ2.254251h 00m
01-05Neighborhood WalkAZ2.0523542m
01-04North MountainAZ2.5562450m
01-01Coronado MesaAZ3.457662h 13m