Hikes 2016

This page includes all my 2016 exercise events: hiking, biking, gym cardio, etc.

I actually did 141 exercise events, totalling 658.45 miles and 93,411 AEG. That set personal bests for exercise events and AEG. My three longest hikes were 14.36, 14.82 and 15.13 miles.

Distances in miles and feet.

12-31Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ3.724231h 13m
12-30Desert Park-Windgate Pass-Gateway LoopAZ6.808632h 13m
12-28Pointe Tapatio Golf Course LoopAZ2.2138946m
12-27Walk to Post OfficeAZ2.4815041m
12-21Valley of Fire State ParkNV3.00400???
12-20Hotel Exercise RoomNV0030m
12-16Dixie Mountain LoopAZ6.0813572h 11m
12-15North MountainAZ2.5562450m
12-14Walk to Post OfficeAZ2.4815047m
12-10Neighborhood WalkAZ2.3621442m
12-08Granite Mountain Hotshots Memorial TrailAZ8.2418173h 58m
12-07Pointe Tapatio Golf Course LoopAZ3.575331h 07m
12-04North MountainAZ2.5562450m
12-02Shaw Butte Trail #306AZ6.1413012h 01m
11-28Amtrak Sunset Limited /
Agua Caliente Road
AZ7.392383h 22m
11-26Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ3.592971h 01m
11-24Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ2.7338550m
11-23Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ4.084631h 19m
11-20North MountainAZ2.5562448m
11-19North MountainAZ2.5562448m
11-17Smith Brothers MineAZ5.874992h 55m
11-15North MountainAZ2.5562450m
11-14West Fork of Oak CreekAZ2.5015055m
11-13North MountainAZ2.5562450m
11-11Old Camp RenoAZ3.282222h 00m
11-09North MountainAZ2.5562448m
11-08North MountainAZ2.5562447m
11-06Pointe Tapatio Golf Course LoopAZ2.804251h 00m
11-03Walk to StoreAZ3.4736259m
11-01North MountainAZ2.5562448m
10-31Walk to Post OfficeAZ2.4815044m
10-28Loop 202 South Mountain FreewayAZ6.059262h 32m
10-27North MountainAZ2.5562446m
10-26Neighborhood WalkAZ2.8311250m
10-25North MountainAZ2.5562447m
10-21Shaw Butte Trail #306AZ6.5811852h 08m
10-20Neighborhood WalkAZ3.541931h 04m
10-18North MountainAZ2.5562448m
10-17Walk to StoreAZ3.473621h 04m
10-14West Fork of Oak CreekAZ8.005003h 41m
10-12Pointe Tapatio Golf Course LoopAZ3.164411h 04m
10-11North MountainAZ2.5562451m
10-08North MountainAZ2.5562447m
10-05Walk to Post OfficeAZ2.4211843m
10-04North MountainAZ2.5562447m
09-30Abineau-Bear Jaw LoopAZ8.1219193h 33m
09-29Colton CraterAZ5.6016522h 46m
09-28North MountainAZ2.5862348m
09-26Walk to Post OfficeAZ2.6712445m
09-24Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ3.653951h 08m
09-23North MountainAZ2.6061752m
09-22North MountainAZ2.4659249m
09-21Walk to Post OfficeAZ2.5215242m
09-19North MountainAZ2.5567250m
09-17Sierra Prieta Trail #264AZ8.6417483h 56m
09-15North MountainAZ2.5562752m
09-13Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ3.133791h 00m
09-12North MountainAZ2.5666452m
09-09North MountainAZ2.5765354m
09-08North MountainAZ2.5567249m
09-06North MountainAZ2.5768250m
09-04Shaw Butte Trail #306AZ6.8411862h 20m
08-31North MountainAZ3.106731h 04m
08-30North MountainAZ2.5367955m
08-29North MountainAZ2.5168056m
08-28North MountainAZ2.7067957m
08-27North MountainAZ2.2266548m
08-26North MountainAZ2.5767755m
08-25North MountainAZ4.228281h 27m
08-21Pointe Tapatio Golf Course LoopAZ1.5015045m
08-16Pointe Tapatio Golf Course LoopAZ3.143621h 02m
08-13Neighborhood WalkAZ3.361951h 04m
08-12Pointe Tapatio Golf Course LoopAZ3.214851h 16m
08-04Parnell Tower to Crooked LakeWI10.158153h 26m
08-03PlymouthWI4.312941h 23m
08-02PlymouthWI4.871811h 25m
07-29Rock Wall Trail #608AZ9.0713273h 12m
07-26Neighborhood WalkAZ3.2323658m
07-22Pine to Tonto Natural BridgeAZ7.385553h 30m
07-15Bison Trail - Wichita MountainsOK5.915112h 20m
07-08Derrick-Highline-Horton LoopAZ9.9118973h 54m
07-06Pointe Tapatio Golf Course LoopAZ3.434911h 19m
07-05Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ3.653201h 08m
07-01Pine to Tonto Natural BridgeAZ8.096283h 59m
06-30Neighborhood WalkAZ3.241941h 2m
06-29Pointe Tapatio Golf Course LoopAZ3.554421h 10m
06-25Mount Union MineAZ3.448632h 18m
06-24Pointe Tapatio Golf Course LoopAZ3.976731h 25m
06-19North MountainAZ4.178361h 25m
06-17Shaw Butte Trail #306AZ6.4710672h 12m
06-11Hotel Exercise RoomNV9.47040m
06-10Hotel Exercise RoomNV9.14048m
06-03Silver Dollar MineAZ8.5212833h 44m
05-31Pointe Tapatio Golf Course LoopAZ3.424111h 12m
05-30Walk to Post OfficeAZ2.7817950m
05-21Onyx BridgeAZ5.976402h 26m
05-20Historic Blue Forest / Billings Gap OverlookAZ7.919303h 25m
05-19Jasper Forest RoadAZ2.841841h 09m
05-19First Forest PointAZ5.243351h 57m
05-13East Miller CanyonAZ11.627595h 10m
05-12Neighborhood WalkAZ3.581911h 06m
05-06Little Granite MountainAZ7.9514273h 32m
05-05Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ3.604721h 11m
05-03Walk to Post OfficeAZ2.6816747m
04-29Loop 202 South Mountain FreewayAZ6.838723h 01m
04-27Walk to Post OfficeAZ2.3915242m
04-24Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ4.716361h 30m
04-22Pointe Tapatio Golf Course LoopAZ3.495191h 16m
04-19Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ5.846241h 52
04-15BCT: Crown King Rd. to Black Canyon CityAZ14.8212455h 22m
04-13Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ4.434371h 26m
04-08Bronco to Cave CreekAZ15.1318566h 47m
04-07Neighborhood WalkAZ3.441791h 04m
03-31Shaw Butte & North Mountain Double SummitAZ7.6717912h 50m
03-25A.T.: Crampton's Gap to Harper's FerryMD11.309973h 40m
03-20Pointe Tapatio Golf Course LoopAZ3.603931h 10m
03-19Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ5.487141h 38m
03-17Pointe Tapatio Golf Course LoopAZ3.2140159m
03-15Neighborhood WalkAZ3.462051h 02m
03-11Castle Dome Arch-O-RamaAZ8.007813h 55m
03-08Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ3.804341h 12m
03-03Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ4.104261h 17m
02-28BCT: Table Mesa Rd. to Black Canyon CityAZ14.3617965h 10m
02-25Neighborhood WalkAZ2.9414353m
02-21Big Chief MineAZ13.2322295h 20m
02-19Pointe Tapatio Golf Course LoopAZ2.7836957m
02-16Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ3.683681h 10m
02-12Ford Canyon LoopAZ11.3217994h 31m
02-11Pointe Tapatio Golf Course LoopAZ2.9929657m
02-05Harquahala PeakAZ10.6933785h 20m
01-31Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ7.487612h 22m
01-29Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ3.634211h 7m
01-24Piestewa PeakAZ9.2825984h 30m
01-22Pointe Tapatio Golf Course LoopAZ3.645671h 19m
01-20Walk to Post OfficeAZ2.7611352m
01-14Vulture PeakAZ4.7813542h 30m
01-12Walk to Post OfficeAZ2.849351m
01-08Webber MineAZ7.4812403h 8m
01-06Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ4.664811h 30m
01-03Neighborhood WalkAZ1.6814145m
01-01Roblas ButteAZ2.188791h 45m