Hikes 2012

Rather than post triplogs for all my old 2012 exercise events — hiking, biking, reffing soccer, etc. — I have just posted triplogs for those that have a diverse location, long distance, are interesting or have pretty views.

I actually did 51 exercise events, totalling 279.00 miles and 43,813 AEG. My three longest hikes were 11.03, 12.20 and 12.78 miles.

Distances in miles and feet.

12-31Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ4.427311h 32m
12-29Baldy / Francis Rogers MountainAZ5.0313022h 18m
12-23Bootleg Spring & Rainbow SpringNV6.9912972h 51m
12-09Limestone Trail #252 - Spur CrossAZ6.4911692h 37m
12-02Elephant Mountain Trail - Spur CrossAZ7.5515863h 06m
11-23Dragonfly TrailAZ1.33125
11-18Elephant Mountain Trail - Spur CrossAZ8.0115413h 11m
11-10Dragonfly TrailAZ4.997552h 00m
10-28Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ3.5310041h 28m
10-20Aravaipa CanyonAZ6.9216533h 27m
10-13Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ2.548801h 17m
10-05Aravaipa CanyonAZ2.315981h 12m
09-30Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ5.906781h 51m
09-23Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ2.746781h 15m
09-15Soccer ReffingAZ4.0002h 00m
09-09Los BurrosAZ12.7815674h 39m
09-08Springs Trail #633AZ3.922701h 19m
09-08Woods Canyon LakeAZ3.764891h 19m
09-02Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ1.7950055m
08-18Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ6.537522h 06m
08-11Circumference Trail - Deem HillsAZ6.628902h 16m
08-04Brins Mesa LoopAZ5.489712h 36m
07-29Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ3.796001h 25m
07-21Sycamore Canyon Rim LoopAZ12.2012205h 01m
07-15Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ.9432229m
07-14Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ4.677421h 49m
07-08Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ4.377001h 32m
07-04Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ3.956631h 29m
06-25Shaw Butte Trail #306AZ5.509231h 54m
06-23Go John Trail - CCRPAZ7.119062h 27m
06-16Aravaipa CanyonAZ4.523022h 30m
06-10Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ5.217251h 43m
06-02Picketpost CircumferenceAZ5.806601h 56m
05-26Cottonwood Spring LoopAZ9.4020793h 54m
05-18Ride Bike to/from WorkAZ12.002001h 00m
04-29Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ8.159452h 33m
04-14Aravaipa CanyonAZ3.8310411h 55m
04-11Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ2.4843250m
04-07A.T.: I-70 to Turner's GapMD5.079021h 42m
04-03Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ2.9763457m
03-28Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ3.525301h 13m
03-10Davey Gowan's GraveAZ6.557882h 28m
03-03Soccer ReffingAZ6.0003h 00m
02-26South Fork Trail #46AZ7.2014004h 00m
02-18Little Saddle Mountain Trail #244AZ9.8619253h 42m
02-05Ballantine Cabin & CorralAZ11.0334975h 02m
02-04Soccer ReffingAZ2.0001h 00m
01-28Wilderness First Aid NMVCAZ2.2031044m
01-15Hackberry Spring LoopAZ7.2510812h 44m
01-14Soccer ReffingAZ4.0002h 00m
01-08Palo Verde Trail #512AZ3.808501h 23m