Hikes 2011

Rather than post triplogs for all my old 2011 exercise events — hiking, biking, reffing soccer, etc. — I have just posted triplogs for those that have a diverse location, long distance, are interesting or have pretty views.

I actually did 55 exercise events, totalling 410.93 miles and 42,652 AEG. My three longest hikes were 12.40, 13.12 and 15.05 miles.

Distances in miles and feet.

12-31Peak 3465AZ12.3919235h 30m
12-24Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ7.4111922h 34m
12-17White Rock - La Madre Spring LoopNV6.5012002h 22m
12-11Dixie Mountain LoopAZ
12-04Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ6.8012992h 18m
11-27Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ7.419862h 26m
11-24Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ4.036611h 20m
11-18Soccer ReffingAZ5.002h 30m
10-16Aravaipa CanyonAZ5.0811122h 6m
10-15Soccer ReffingAZ4.002h 0m
10-11Ride Bike to/from WorkAZ12.002201h 0m
10-08Aravaipa CanyonAZ5.277932h 26m
10-03North MountainAZ3.458941h 25m
09-17Lookout Mtn Circumference Trail #308AZ7.1213512h 33m
09-13Ride Bike to/from WorkAZ12.002201h 0m
09-09Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ4.967841h 38m
09-07Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ5.108121h 44m
09-05Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ4.016571h 19m
09-04Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ3.145651h 8m
08-30Lunch WalkAZ1.00020m
08-27Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ2.6129552m
07-16Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ2.513501h 45m
07-03BCT: Table Mesa Rd. to Little Pan LoopAZ6.066862h 45m
06-26BCT: Boy Scout Loop to Table Mesa Rd.AZ8.258812h 49m
06-19North MountainAZ5.106421h 44m
06-06Peak 1976 - White Tank MountainsAZ4.248491h 46m
06-04BCT: Emery Henderson to Boy Scout LoopAZ12.0311663h 58m
05-30BCT: Emery Henderson to Carefree Hwy.AZ12.407133h 54m
05-22Seven Springs to Cave CreekAZ13.1214324h 52m
05-15Geronimo TH to Washington ParkAZ9.4322173h 42m
05-10Ride Bike to/from WorkAZ12.002201h 0m
05-03Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ2.254001h 15m
04-30Butterfield / Pedersen / Coldwater LoopAZ15.0515574h 57m
04-29Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ5.3310661h 47m
04-23Ride for the ChildrenAZ11.401501h 6m
04-21Ride Bike to/from WorkAZ12.002201h 0m
04-14Ride Bike to/from WorkAZ12.002201h 0m
04-13Ride Bike to/from WorkAZ12.002201h 0m
04-10Walkin' Jim TrailAZ9.0416063h 10m
04-09Soccer ReffingAZ4.002h 0m
03-27Walkin' Jim TrailAZ7.005002h 55m
03-19Perl Charles Trail #1AAZ7.0012502h 20m
03-11Ford Canyon LoopAZ9.0013003h 35m
03-10Ride Bike to/from WorkAZ12.002201h 0m
03-05Soccer ReffingAZ4.002h 0m
03-04First Water Upper Creek LoopAZ9.807106h 0m
03-03Ride Bike to/from WorkAZ12.002201h 0m
02-26Goldfield Ovens LoopAZ11.2513003h 17m
02-13Bronco Trail to Seven SpringsAZ8.9015003h 19m
02-05Cave Creek / Skunk Tank LoopAZ10.7423474h 0m
01-29Dixie Mountain LoopAZ5.259962h 03m
01-23Scenic Trail - MMRPAZ4.302101h 8m
01-15South Mountain LoopAZ9.1010003h 20m
01-09Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ7.007902h 10m
01-02Bumble Bee to Government SpringAZ6.107502h 10m