Preston’s Desert Storm Letters – 29 May 91 (#1)

Weds, 29 May 91
Camp Redeye
Zakho, Iraq

Dear Nikki, Cathy & Connie;

No fair cheating if you let your mom read this to you — Nikki at least should be big enough :-)

Thank you for the card you sent. Never having received a Father’s Day card, I didn’t even know Father’s Day was coming up.

Nikki, did you write that pink letter in cursive all by your self? That was pretty good!

Well guys, they sent me three times more Kurds than they were supposed to today, so I am pretty tired (and I still have to write your mom tonight!)

Gulf War: Doonesbury Kurdistan Comic

McMurry’s Notes

  • Provide Comfort is an ongoing operation as of this writing. In March, 1996, five years after the Gulf War, the first permanent commander of the operation was appointed. Gary Trudeau was prophetic …

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