Preston’s Desert Storm Letters – 31 May 91

Fri, 31 May 91
Camp “Bye-Bye” (Redeye)
Zakho, Iraq

Dear Donna,

I just got your 16 May letter. That means I got two good news letters after your 18 May bad news letter. And all thanx to the good ol’ U.S. Snail.

Those suites look good — especially the Sherwood Forest and the Northern Lights. :-) Unfortunately, they have that 30 day reservation thingie. My tentmate had a good idea though: he suggested I play up the Desert Storm vet angle and try to get a room in fewer days.

 (next day) 

At this morning’s formation I found out we weren’t leaving tomorrow (something I hadn’t heard in the first place), from the commander; rather, our departure date was being pushed back two days. That would make it Tuesday, which is still a day earlier than I expected. Then, this afternoon, I heard a rumor that we weren’t leaving until Friday. It’s wonderful how the lines of communication work in this unit.

Our mission, as of 0730 this morning, is complete. I spent the last three days helping transfer 7-8,000 Kurds from Camp 3 to Camp 2. I evicted a family from four tents in one ten-tent circle because they were squatters. I knew something was crooked, but after getting tired of seeing the head man pop-up eveywhere I appeared in camp, I finally drove him out to the circle (a “zozan” in our terminology) he had been properly registered for two weeks earlier. Surprise, surprise — where there used to be tents, there were only patches of dirt in the knee-high grass. I made the scumbag get out of the truck and walk back. :-)

Speaking of camps, here’s yet two more Stars & Stripes articles (article #1 & article #2) that conveniently forget to mention it is the civil affairs (especially the 432nd) that actually runs the camps.

Btw, are you saving the newspaper articles too?

Every tent at Insert Dick AFB had a sign on it.
Every tent at Insert Dick AFB had a sign on it.

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