Emulator Group Maintenance

The primary purpose of a group is to associate a bomber with a particular air force, for the purpose of determining what missions are available for the bomber to fly.

Name: Scrolling through the list of names will open the unit history for the listed group. Other than adding a new group, name cannot be modified.

Commander: A change of command may be performed by choosing another commander from the list.

Base: The group may be transferred between the 8th (England) and 15th (Italy) Air Forces by clicking the base button.

Unit History: Lists the units sorties, kills, casualties and awards.

Default: Indicates that the group is a default unit. Default groups cannot be deleted. The default groups are:

  • 455th Bomb Group: The default group for Italy. The 455th was home to the Dakota Queen.
  • 6 Group: A default group for England. 6 Group was home to KB726.
  • 91st Bomb Group: A default group for England. The 91st led the assault on Schweinfurt on August 17, 1943, and was home to the Memphis Belle.


  1. To add a group, overwrite the current group’s name, then select commander and base, then click the Add button.
  2. Only the group’s commander and base may be updated.
  3. A group can not be deleted if it has assigned squadrons. Each squadron must be deleted or assigned to a different group before the group may be deleted. Default groups can not be deleted.
  4. No restriction, other than common sense, is placed on what ranks may hold what command billets. Likewise on the number of groups or squadrons an airman may command.

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