Emulator Airman Maintenance

Airmen are tracked for the purpose of determining when they are eligible for mission or kill bonuses, and rotation back home.

Name: Scrolling through the list of names will open the personnel file for the listed airman. Other than adding a new airman, name cannot be modified.

Rank: The airman may be promoted (or demoted) by choosing another rank from the list.

Serial Number: Is assigned by the military; it cannot be modified.

Assignment: The bomber the airman is assigned to. The airman may be transferred by choosing another bomber from the list.

Crew Position: The airman may be assigned to a different position. Typically, a co-pilot flew a few right-seat missions before being assigned command of his own aircraft.

Status Update? Notes
KIA, DOW No The airman was either killed in action, or died of wounds after returning to base.
MIA, POW, Invalid No The airman is missing in action, a prisoner of war, or was invalided home after being seriously wounded.
Duty Yes The airman is available for duty. Default airmen are always on duty status.
Tour Complete No The airman has completed his required number of missions. He is either training new airmen, or selling war bonds back home.

Personnel File: Lists the airman’s missions, kills, and awards.

Default: Indicates that the airman is the default at that position. Default airmen cannot be deleted.


  1. To add an airman, overwrite the current airman’s name, then select rank and crew position, then click the Add button. An assignment may also be chosen, but if it isn’t the airman is initially assigned to Admin Duty.
  2. Only the airman’s rank, assignment and crew position may be updated.
  3. To transfer an airman between aircraft, change his assignment on the Airman Maintenance screen. If another airman occupies the position on the next bomber, then the other airman is automatically sent to admin duty. The same effect occurs if the airman’s position is changed, but his bomber remains the same.
  4. If an airman is deleted while assigned to a bomber, then the crew position is left unmanned. (The bomber may not fly missions until another airman is assigned to the unmanned position.) Deleting an airman does not affect a squadron’s unit history. An airman can not be deleted if he is a squadron or group commander. Default airmen can not be deleted.
  5. If the airman is on duty, then his information is current. If the airman is in some other status, then his information is final.
  6. An airman that is on duty status, but not assigned to an aircraft, will be assigned to Admin Duty.
  7. No restriction, other than common sense, is placed on what ranks may hold what crew positions. Likewise on the number of groups or squadrons an airman may command.

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