Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100

Phoenix Mountains Preserve

Sheriff's Posse corral
Looking across the Sheriff's Posse corral, towards the NMVC (left edge) and the small hill.

I live on the edge of the Phoenix Mountains Preserve, within sight of North Mountain. In any other city, the rich people would live next to the mountains; in Phoenix some do, but there are also a lot of working class neighborhoods. Or simply barrios. So, I refer to the Preserve as “my backyard”. Makes it sound like I live in Paradise Valley, rather than Sunnyslope.

Today I took a walk in “my backyard”, hiking to the North Mountain Visitor Center, around the small hill in back, then home. I needed to get out, as I’ve been bloating while working so hard on getting this new site in a decent shape, with various plugins, a child theme, etc. I try to average 50 miles per month; with a “drop off” hike back home on Trail #100 from the pub this weekend, I should make it to 50. Gotta start the year off right. ;-)

Distance: 3.63 miles

AEG: 421 ft.

Time: 1h 7m

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