Northern Light

1997-10-24 0

Throb, throb Slick & greasy Grasped inside mauling digits Flipped from detached branches Eyes open to the screeching rhythmic peace Pain so loud it’s pure […]


1996-03-24 0

I place my circle around your neck And bind my soul to yours Forever Written in a muddy tent in Bosnia.  

Shattered Orchard

1996-03-17 0

Brown, dry thistle Lonely, half dead Softly dancing In its crystal bed Golden-haired angel Graceful and pure Sit and whisper Soothing, unspoken cure Written somewhere in […]


1995-10-02 0

The fleeting thought Unless scribed Is soon left behind Like the one that went before


1995-10-02 0

Loneliness in ancient gardens Wooden figures fleeting Guardians guiding Lost among mobile mountains Whose goddesses possess The hero Long tile of tragicomedy Spasmodic pulsing Crossing […]


1995-09-26 0

Heavenly hosts Pale, tinged & tight Gliding by In narrow arteries Lined by Short sentinels Warmth in waves Crossing flows Seeking ancient shelter Two lefts […]


1990-04-20 0

(Or, “It’s not that far, and you might not get hurt”) Madame Muse has locked her legs around me … A million red bricks like […]

One Evening

1988-10-20 0

Poetic mystery Leaves shimmering Brilliant incandescence Cool Cool Whisper to me Pulse Pulse Soot in skies Better left untouched And women Women Flying by… The […]

On Landing

1988-01-20 0

for Beauty personified She backed away Wouldn’t say why He wouldn’t cry So the Heavens opened for him He waited all day to talk to […]

Different Drummer

1987-01-20 0

You’ve got to march to a different drummer You’ve got to march to a different beat If you want to be your own person You’ve […]

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