Walkin’ Jim Trail

2011-04-10 0

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more. At 0612, it was 45 degrees, no breeze. Frickin’ cold 45, it was. I could see fresh […]

Walkin’ Jim Trail

2011-03-27 0

We started counterclockwise, as a walk with my non-hiking stepson and wife (who has bad feet). Trail is definitely not “well worn” (per hike description), […]

Ford Canyon Loop

2011-03-11 0

Took Dunlap / Olive all straight across Phoenix from 7th St. West bound traffic not too bad, even for a week day before seven. Hit […]

Goldfield Ovens Loop

2011-02-26 0

Directions: Red Mountain Freeway (202), exit Power Rd. (Go south on Power to McDowell to get a Tonto day pass at the Valero or Shell, […]

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