Brew City News (2006)

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brewcitylogoBrew City News (16-Oct-2006)

  • League Cup:  Top Shelf  are the 2006 League Cup champions. Although Top Shelf lost 31:37 to Weirder Bremen, Aviators — who trailed by three points and 53 ‘goal’ differential needed them to lose by more. Much more. Likewise, Aviators needed to win by more than the 23:12 they managed over acgc. acgc and In off the post were relegated.
    Brew City League Cup
    Top Shelf
    David Thomas

    Mike’s Ninja Turtles are 2nd Division champions, deservedly edging ahead of abandoned Chaminade Red Devils; both sides on 15 points, with Mikes up +19 to +8 ‘goal’ difference. At the bottom, JC Comets and MurphDogs were relegated. Comets on 9 points, but -20 ‘goal’ difference to the 9/-11 of sixth place Shaolin Mystigods. Despite being a MFLS Top 25 side, MurphDogs only managed six points.

    Phoenix TS, completed a perfect season, 21 points, scoring 146 ‘goals’, the second best in Brew City to Top Shelf’s 182. Look for Phoenix to make the 1st Division next year and challenge for the 2007 League Cup. Real Hillsdale hung the Blowout of the Week, 35:-4 on Creel McCoys, who captured the Dregs Award for finishing bottom the Brew City barrel.

  • BCFA Fantasy League:  Aviators  (747/23) are champions, for the second year running. It is the first time a team has repeated. Top Shelf (736/31), Dynamo Silver Spring (697/20), MurphDogs (672/18) and Shaolin Mystigods (667/18) round out the top five.
  • MFLS Fantasy League:  Heresy House  (811/26) are champions. Glorydaze (757/25) are runnersup. After falling to fourth, Aviators (747/23) rebounded to a podium spot at the expense of Plattsburgh United (743/14) who dropped a spot for the second straight week. Stonebury United (740/25) edged Top Shelf (736/31) for fifth. Top Shelf improved two spots the final week. Other Brew City sides in the Top 100 are #15 Dynamo Silver Spring, #22 MurphDogs, #25 Shaolin Mystigods, #42 Pioneer Detasselers, #44 Weirder Bremen, #57 acgc, #86 Geckos and #88 Alewive FC.
  • MFLS Prediction League:  Cheddarheads  (434/13) are champions. Firefox Select (419/6) are runnersup. Hanstar (419/13) finish third. Brew City sides in the Top 100 are #7 Top Shelf, #11 Alewive FC (who very well might have finished first if not for missing three weeks of the season while on holiday), #16 Shaolin Mystigods, #27 Juice10 and #88 Weirder Bremen.
  • John Thomson Cup:  Top Shelf  (406 pts) are champions. Alewive FC (396) are runnersup despite missing three weeks of the season. Shaolin Mystigods (389) take the final podium spot.

Brew City News (11-Oct-2006)

  • League Cup: Weirder Bremen’s hopes of their first League Cup were dashed on the rocks of a second consecutive defeat, 21:22 to Aviators. Aviators would have to win, hope Top Shelf lose, and make up a 70 ‘goal’ deficit to sneak into first. Not going to happen. Weirder can salvage some pride by defeating Aviators in the final round. Any of the other five teams could still be relegated.In the 2nd Division, Chaminade Red Devils booked their promotion on 15 points. Unfortunately, they are also on probation and very well might not be back next year. In such cases, their spot will be promoted, with a new team taking that spot in 2007. Mike’s Ninja Turtles are second on twelve points, followed by Geckos, Surreywood Rangers and Alewive FC, all on nine points. The latter three could also be relegated, along with the bottom three who are all on six points. Tight indeed.Phoenix TS, who booked promotion last week, are still perfect on 18 points, having eased to a 21:16 victory over Midnights Children. Any of Real Hillsdale, Arrows S.C., FC Springfield or Midnights could also be promoted — or their spots as several of those sides are on probation. At the bottom, St. Lucie Clovers defeated Creel McCoys 28:2, to move off the bottom. Clovers and Creel are the only sides now in the running for Dregs Award, for the team finishing bottom of the Brew City barrel. Both are on three points, with Clovers on -8 ‘goal’ difference, while Creel have -61. Clover play Juice10 the final week, while Creel got Real Hillsdale.
  • BCFA Fantasy League: Top Shelf failed to make up the same sort of ground this week (2 points) as it did last week (18). The top five are Aviators (724/22), Top Shelf (705/24), Dynamo Silver Spring (677/16), MurphDogs (654/14) and Shaolin Mystigods (649/18). The next three spots are still acgc, Pioneer Detasselers and Weirder Bremen, with the spread from 16 down to 13 points.
  • MFLS Fantasy League: Heresy House (786/26) continue to lead, but Glorydaze (732/27) passed Plattsburgh United (729/22) for second. Aviators (724/22), currently fourth, are in with a shout for the runners up spot. They are followed by Stonebury United (715/23) in fifth. Other Brew City sides in the Top 25 are #8 Top Shelf, #13 Dynamo Silver Spring (down three spots), #20 MurphDogs (also down three) and #23 Shaolin Mystigods. Heresy have a shot at the second largest margin of victory in MFLS history: In 1997, Atorbut bested Chicago Sting by 66. The record is held by Go Team Go! who beat Top Shelf by 95 in 1998.

Brew City News (2-Oct-2006)

  • League Cup: With two weeks to go in the season, Weirder Bremen have probably blown their chance at winning the League Cup, having lost to last place Darcian Greywacke 16:22. Top Shelf assume their customary top spot, having defeated new bottom side In off the post 37:14. Top Shelf are on 13 points and +65 ‘goals’ to Weirder’s 12/18. Aviators are the only other side with a mathematical chance of winning, on 10/0. Weirder play Top Shelf this week and Aviators the next. The other five sides are in various degrees of relegation danger.In the 2nd Division, probation side Chaminade Red Devils stay top and Surreywood Rangers second, the latter despite a horrible -2:22 loss to MurphDogs. Rangers are on 9 points and +21 ‘goals’ to Mike’s Ninja Turtles 9/-1. The next five sides are all on six points, which means that *any* of the seven sides could yet be promoted or relegated!Phoenix TS continue to lead the probation-riddled 3rd Division, on a perfect 15 points.
  • BCFA Fantasy League: Perhaps Aviators lead is not as unassailable as previously thought, Top Shelf making up 18 points of a 39 points deficit this week alone. The standings: Aviators (702/19), Top Shelf (681/37), Dynamo Silver Spring (661/9), MurphDogs (640/22) and Shaolin Mystigods (631/30). The next three spots are still acgc, Pioneer Detasselers and Weirder Bremen, now separated by 16 points.
  • MFLS Fantasy League: Aviators slipped another spot from third to fourth. The rankings: Heresy House (760/38), Plattsburgh United up two spots (707/28), Glorydaze (705/11), Aviators (702/19) and Stonebury United (692/18). Other Brew City sides in the Top 25 are #8 Top Shelf, #10 Dynamo Silver Spring, #17 MurphDogs and #23 Shaolin Mystigods.

Brew City News (26-Sep-2006)

  • League Cup: In the 1st Division, Weirder Bremen maintained their perfect record with a 39:26 defeat of In off the post. They are trailed by Top Shelf, now in sole posession of second, after Aviators lost 27:29 to Dynamo Silver Spring. Four teams are on three points, but no side is yet safe from the drop. In the 2nd Division, Chaminade Red Devils lost, but still maintained the top spot, despite second place Surreywood Rangers rogering JC Comets 34:8. Four mid-table teams are on six points, followed by Shaolin Mystigods — who finally won — and MurphDogs on three. In the 3rd Division, there were two narrow victories and two complete blowouts: In the narrow category were Arrows S.C. 36:35 St. Lucie Clovers and Midnights Children 28:26 Juice10. In the blowout category were FC Springfield 49:19 Creel McCoys and Phoenix TS 44:17 Real Hillsdale. Phoenix move into first, while Clovers are the only league side without a point to their name.
  • BCFA Fantasy League: Aviators have a lock on first for the second year running. Barring complete collapse, they will be the first team to defend their title and be the first four-time champion. (Top Shelf have won three times.) Aviators (683/27 pts) are followed by Dynamo Silver Spring (652/29), Top Shelf (644/46), MurphDogs (618/31) and Shaolin Mystigods (601/37). As usual, the big scramble for spots is just below the top five, with acgc, Pioneer Detasselers and Weirder Bremen separated by only 14 points.
  • MFLS Fantasy League: Despite another strong showing in 2006, Aviators have slipped down the order in favor of Heresy House (722/ 37 pts). Heresy are followed by Glorydaze (694/48), Aviators (683/27), Plattsburgh United (679/36) and Stonebury United (674/48). Other Brew City sides in the Top 25 are #8 Dynamo Silver Spring, #10 Top Shelf and #17 MurphDogs. Six other Brew City sides are in the Top 100.

Brew City News (20-Sep-2006)

  • It was not a good week scoring-wise, with eight teams getting negative points and only six in (positive) double digits. As one might expect under such circumstances, none of MFLS’s top seven weekly scorers have made even one player transaction this season.
  • League Cup: In the 1st Division, the top three sides all stumbled to wins, Weirder Bremen maintaining a perfect nine points above Top Shelf and Aviators, both on seven. In the 2nd Division, formerly second place Chaminade Red Devils moved top at the expense of Surreywood Rangers, defeating the ousted leaders 5:-4. Shaolin Mystigods are bottom having lost all three matches, the latest 10:11 to fellow strugglers Mike’s Ninja Turtles. In the 3rd Division, former leaders FC Springfield fell out of the promotion spots having posted the league’s lowest score, -8, to the week’s highest score 16, by Midnights Children. Probationers Real Hillsdale are now in first. Fellow probationers St. Lucie Clovers are at the bottom of the bowl.

Brew City News (10-Sep-2006)

  • League Cup: Weirder Bremen moved top of the league by edging acgc 20:18. Championship contenders Aviators and Top Shelf drew 22s. Both are on four points, and +5 ‘goal’ difference. Top Shelf are second due to 34 ‘goals’ for to Aviators 30. In the 2nd Division, Surreywood Rangers are first, having doubled Alewive FC 32:16. Championship long shot Shaolin Mystigods, relegated after the Summer round, are now in severe danger of a second successive drop, lying seventh on 0 points and -21 ‘goal’ difference. In the 3rd Division, probationers FC Springfield are the league’s high scorer over the last two weeks on 57 ‘goals’ — proving what can be accomplished by actively managing one’s team. Real Hillsdale, in second are also on probation. Teams must be actively managed over the remainder of the season in order to be promoted. Teams which continue to be abandoned will not be invited back in 2007.

Brew City News (4-Sep-2006)

  • Back from vacation …
  • Week 23: Darcian Greywacke (44 pts / 14th place) and Dynamo Silver Spring (43 / 15) finished in the MFLS Weekly Top 25.
  • Week 22: JC Comets (45 pts / 16th place) finished in the MFLS Weekly Top 25.
  • Week 21: Dynamo Silver Spring (51 pts / 5th place) and Aviators (48 / 9) finished in the MFLS Weekly Top 25.

Brew City News (14-Aug-2006)

  • League Cup: The League Cup proper kicked off after the MLS All-Star break. With DC United off, and Houston, LA and Dallas off form, points were hard to some by for the top squads. You would have to drop down to #6 on MFLS’s weekly high score list to find a side that had made a roster move in the past month. Similarly, in Brew City, it was 3rd Division sides who notched the week’s biggest scores: FC Springfield 31:0 over Juice10 and Creel McCoys 28:4 over Midnights Children. Other than MurphDogs 21:16 win over Geckos in the 2nd Division, no side in the top two tiers managed more than 13 points. Everyone will have three weeks to right their squads as I will be on holiday during weeks 21-23.

Brew City News (31-Jul-2006)

  • League Cup:  Weirder Bremen  sealed their Summer Championship, defeating Pioneer Detasselers 14:9. Top Shelf pipped Aviators to the runnersup spot, strafing the blue & gold 18:4. Shaolin Mystigods and Surreywood Rangers were both relegated, the Monks despite being third high scorers.The 2nd Division was all drama. After going undefeated for six matches, Darcian Greywacke were promoted despite being completely bitch-slapped 25:2 by #7 Geckos, who jumped out the relegation zone all the way into fourth. Despite carrying a two point and 29 ‘goal’ advantage over In off the post, Alewive FC were dropped to third, losing to their narrow Mug’O’Suds vanquisher, Mike’s Ninja Turtles, again by the narrowest of margins, 11:10. Despite losing, Alewive still would have been promoted had IOTP not defeated Chaminade Red Devils 15:10. Look for the heated Alewive-Turtles rivalry to achieve chain reaction in the fall, since Turtles victory saved them from relegation. Previously #5 and #6 FC Springfield and Phoenix TS were relegated after the drew each other 8:8.In the 3rd Division, JC Comets (champions) and MurphDogs were promoted despite swapping places. Creel McCoy finished bottom despite winning their only match of the session.

Brew City News (28-Jul-2006)

  • FA Cup Final: What is a cup final without controversy? Originally declared 15:12 victors, Mike’s Ninja Turtles were forced into overtime after MFLS officials adjusted Jaime Moreno’s stats to give him an assist, rendering the final score Aviators 15:15 Turtles. Since both players started Perkins in goal, and there were no MLS PKs last week, the match went into a third overtime — an overtime determined by total team assists. As in the Mug, Aviators opponent had Stammler and Gomez, while Aviators had that duo plus Moreno — making Aviators  champions. And making Aviators start of Jaime Moreno perhaps the single most important player selection in MFLS history. Turtle’s loss is ironic, considering it was by a similar late scoring adjustment that they edged Alewive FC in the semifinal.
    FA Cup, 1999-2008

    Hal Jones

Brew City News (26-Jul-2006)

  • FA Cup Final: In their first year in Brew City, Mike’s Ninja Turtles became the eighth team in eight years to lift the FA Cup. Turtles triumphed in a nervous defensive battle 15:12 over 2001 champions Aviators. Congratulations to the Turtles and their manager Mike Gibson!
    Mike’s Ninja Turtles
    Mike Gibson
  • The Mug’O’Suds Invitational final, also known as The Last Call, ended 0:0 in normal time. #1 seed Aviators and #8 seed FC Chunkers both started Perkins in goal. They both started Stammler and Boswell in defense, with Aviators having Burciaga, while Chunkers had Segares. They had the same midfield of Donovan, Dorman, Gomez and De Rosario. At forward, they both had Twellman and Ching, with Aviators having Jaime Moreno, while Chunkers had Razov. After the first overtime (least goals given-up by the keepers), the teams were still level. After the second overtime (total team PKs), the teams were still level. In the third overtime (total team assists), both sides got help from Stammler and Gomez, but Jaime Moreno proved the difference, giving  Aviators  the 3:2 advantage and their second consecutive sip of the Suds. Congratulations Hal!
    Hal Jones
  • League Cup: In the 1st Division, Top Shelf, Aviators and Weirder Bremen continue to dice over the Summer Championship. Weirder hold the advantage, having barely edged Surreywood Rangers 7:6. Top Shelf lost its top spot, having lost 9:15 to Dynamo Silver Spring. Aviators move second on a 12:6 defeat of Shaolin Mystigods. Shaolin brought great shame on their temple, being relegated with a week to spare. Any of the other four teams could join them. In the 2nd Division, leaders Darcian Greywacke booked their promotion with a 11:2 defeat of Phoenix TS. Alewive FC moved over In off the post for the second promotion spot by defeating IOTP 21:7. Alewive FC (12 pts / +25 ‘goal’ diff), IOTP (10/-4) and Chaminade Red Devils (9/-23) are the other promotion candidates, though in reality, the latter two have little hope. IOTP play Chaminade the final week. Chaminade, plus the bottom four (all on six points) could yet be relegated. In the 3rd Division, not a single place changed, despite top side MurphDogs dropping their first points of the season, losing the Blowout of the Week 5:28 to Arrows S.C.. MurphDogs (15 pts), JC Comets (13) and Arrows S.C. (12) are the promotion candidates, with none of the three playing each other the final week. Creel McCoys confirmed their Bottom of the League finish.
  • Arrows S.C. (28 pts / 14th place) and Juice10 (27 / 21) finished in the MFLS Weekly Top 25.

Brew City News (18-Jul-2006)

  • FA Cup: After a fairly close first leg (35:27), Aviators won going away, defeating Shaolin Mystigods 24:9 (59:36 aggregate) to advance to the FA Cup final. In the other semifinal, Alewive FC carried a six-point lead into the second leg against Mike’s Ninja Turtles, which Mikes won 13:7, after a late MFLS point adjustment raised Mike’s score one point. That one point saw Mikes through to the final on the first tie-break, away ‘goals’, 30:7, after the sides drew on 43:43 aggregate. Alewive’s righteously aggrieved supporters subsequently rioted in Mike’s city centre, destroying shops and hurling stones at Mike’s open top bus parade.
  • League Cup: In the 1st Division, Weirder Bremen may be beginning to wilt under the pressure, having lost 13:24 to Aviators. Top Shelf took advantage to move top, by edging Pioneer Detasselers 18:16. Despite being one of Brew City’s higher scoring sides, Shaolin Mystigods remain nailed to the bottom, having surrendered a whopping 211 ‘goals’ in five matches. In the 2nd Division, Alewive FC, feeling the effects of its FA Cup tragedy, fell to third despite being the division’s highest scoring side with 153 ‘goals’ to 146 for leaders Darcian Greywacke. In the 3rd Division, MurphDogs remain perfect on 15 of 15 points, having defeated Juice10 21:16. JC Comets moved into the other promotion spot, and have a big ‘goal’ difference over third place side Arrows S.C., +48 to +5.
  • Mug’O’Suds Invitational: In the first semifinal, FC Chunkers defeated Real New Britski 3:2 to advance on 4:3 aggregate. The difference being Chunkers starting Twellman to Real’s Jaime Moreno. In the other semifinal, Aviators drew Elastic Norsemen 3:3, to end level at 5:5. But Aviators advance on the first tiebreak, away goals, 3:2. Next week’s final pits defending champion Aviators against 2004 Champions League victors FC Chunkers.
  • Another MFLS Weekly Top 25-less week, against due to abandoned teams grabbing the top spots. In fact, of the top four teams, none has made a move more recently than six weeks ago.

Brew City News (11-Jul-2006)

  • FA Cup: In the first leg of the first semifinal, Shaolin Mystigods lost 27:35 to Aviators. Due to the home loss, Shaolin needs to win by nine or more this week to advance to the Cup Final. In the other semifinal, Alewive won at home, defeating Mike’s Ninja Turtles 36:30.
  • League Cup: After four of seven rounds, only one thing is certain: MurphDogs will not finish bottom of the 3rd Division. Every other spot is up for grabs. In the 1st Division, leaders Weirder Bremen were drawn 28:28 by second place Top Shelf. acgc moved out the relegation zone courtesy of a 31:27 defeat of Shaolin Mystigods. In the 2nd Division, Darcian Greywacke stay top, but Phoenix TS plunged from second into fourth on a 21:25 loss to Chaminade Red Devils. TS were replaced by Alewive FC, who have found a rich vein of league and cup form. In the 3rd Division, the aforementioned MurphDogs are top with the league’s only perfect 12 point record. At the bottom, St. Lucie Clovers and Creel McCoy swapped spots, Creel taking the fall on a 16:22 loss.
  • Mug’O’Suds Invitational: The semifinals kicked off with FC Chunkers hosting fellow DoGS side Real New Britski. The match ended 1:1, both sides scoring through Ching. The other semifinal, between #1 seed Aviators and unseeded Elastic Norsemen also ended evens, though at 2:2. Both sides scored through Ching and Dorman. In fact, the only player they had different was Aviators started Jaime Moreno to Norsemen’s Carlos Ruiz. The second leg could easily end even as well, perhaps going deep into tiebreaks, even the dreaded Last Gasp Quiz Question. (Aviators lost a controversial tiebreak in their 2002 Mug semifinal against Top Shelf.)

Brew City News (5-Jul-2006)

  • League Cup: League play resumed after the World Cup break with round three of the Summer Championship. Pioneer Detasselers and Shaolin Mystigods showed no signs of rust, the Monks winning a thriller 58:52. Weirder stayed top of the 1st Division courtesy of a 22:3 thrashing of previous MLS #1 Dynamo Silver Spring. In the 2nd Division, previous #2 Alewive FC edged previous #3 FC Springfield 30:28, but still dropped a spot by goal difference (+17 to +18) to Phoenix TS who mashed Mike’s Ninja Turtles 46:27. Darcian Greywacke remain top on seven points. In the 3rd Division, MurphDogs are top on a perfect nine points after crushing Creel McCoys 39:18.
  • FA Cup: Shaolin Mystigods emphatically overcame a narrow first leg deficit, trouncing Top Shelf 58:26 to advance to the semifinals on 97:67 aggregate. Murphdogs lost its second leg in brave fashion 39:44 to Aviators, who advance 84:76. Alewive FC continued its dream run into the semifinals, winning both legs against Surreywood Rangers, to advance 72:32. Alewive’s opponent will be similarly underrated Mike’s Ninja Turtles who advanced 61:33 over Chaminade Red Devils.
  • Mug’O’Suds Invitational: FC Chunkers overcame a one-goal first leg deficit, winning 4:2 to advance to the semifinals 4:3 over unseeded GameCocks. Real New Britski also overcame unseeded opposition, winning 6:4 to advance 8:4 over Bayou City FC. In one the best matches in Mug history, #1 seed Aviators lost 7:8 to #56 seed Portland Red Tide, but still managed to advance on 9:8 aggregate. Unseeded Elastic Norseman obliterated #10 seed Hotspur 8:1, to advance 9:3. Division of Great Significance (two teams), Brew City and RevMFLS are represented in the semifinals.

Brew City News (27-Jun-2006)

  • League Cup: No games dues to World Cup. The League Cup returns to action the upcoming Big Week, Week 14.
  • FA Cup: The FA Cup resumed action after its World Cup break. In the first quarterfinal, Shaolin Mystigods narrowly lost 39:41 to Top Shelf. MurphDogs also narrowly lost at home, 37: 40 to Aviators. It was close games all around, Surreywood Rangers also falling by three at home, 39:42 to lightly regarded Alewive FC. Mike’s Ninja Turtles were the only home side to take any points, defeating Chaminade Red Devils 34:32. Second leg is this upcoming week.
  • Mug’O’Suds Invitational: The quarterfinals began, with unseeded qualifier GameCocks edging FC Chunkers 1:0 on a Jaime Moreno goal. Real New Britski did better against their unseeded opponents, handling Bayou City FC 2:0. Aviators likewise defeated low-seeded Portland Red Tide 2:0. Unseeded Elastic Norsemen gave themselves a better chance of overcoming a deficit, losing 1:2 to #10 seed Hotspur. Second leg is this upcoming week.
  • In off the post (51 pts / 1st place), Weirder Bremen (48 / 4), Dynamo Silver Spring (47 / 5) and Alewive FC (42 / 22) finished in the MFLS Weekly Top 25. It is Dynamo’s fifth appearance of the year, breaking a record jointly held by Darcian Greywacke (2005), Stonebury United (2000), and Top Shelf (1999 and 2005).

Brew City News (19-Jun-2006)

  • MurphDogs, Aviators and Dynamo Silver Spring (38 pts / 12th place) and Top Shelf (37 / 19) finished in the MFLS Weekly Top 25. It was Dynamo’s fourth MFLS Top 25 appearance of the season, second for the others.

Brew City News (14-Jun-2006)

  • MurphDogs (41 pts / 2nd place) and Geckos (40 / 6) finished in the MFLS Weekly Top 25.

Brew City News (5-Jun-2006)

  • League Cup: In the 1st Division, Weirder Bremen and Pioneer Detasselers retain the top two spots on six of six points. Aviators nor Shaolin Mystigods are at the bottom on zero points. In the 2nd Division, Darcian Greywacke lead on four points, while the next six sides all have three points. Alewive FC are second on ‘goal’ difference, +15 to +10 over FC Springfield. In the 3rd Division, MurphDogs leapt over Midnights Children, despite both sides winning. ‘Dogs conducted the bigger blasting, 55:17 over Real Hillsdale, while Midnights had to ‘settle’ for a 39:12 defeat of St. Lucie Clovers.
  • FA Cup: Shaolin Mystigods completed their dismantling of lucky-to-be-around St. Lucie Clovers 51:12, to advance on 81:24 aggregate. Shaolin will meet Top Shelf, who won both legs to advance 87:80 over Dynamo Silver Spring. MurphDogs dropped the first leg, but won the second 55:42 over Darcian Greywacke, to advance 73:65. ‘Dogs will meet Aviators, who also won the second leg after losing the first. Aviators 74:67 over FC Springfield. In the bottom half of the bracket, Surreywood Rangers won both legs, advancing 82:58 over JC Comets. Rangers quarterfinal opponent will be Alewive FC, who dropped the first and won the second, to advance 80:67 over Midnights Children. The final quarterfinal will pit Mike’s Ninja Turtles and Chaminade Red Devils. Mike’s Ninja Turtles lost the first and won the second, advancing 63:53 over Arrows S.C.. Chaminade Red Devils were the only side to win the first leg, drop the second and still advance, 70:66 over acgc.
  • Mug’O’Suds Invitational: FC Chunkers advance on away goals over Top Shelf. (Chunkers won the first leg 3:2, and lost away 4:5 in the second.) GameCocks and MSA drew both legs 3:3. GameCocks advance on the second tiebreak, least goals given up by keepers, Oshonyi (1) to Sala (2). Real New Britski won both legs, advancing 9:5 over Darcian Greywacke. Real meet Bayou City FC, who lost the second leg 2:3, but advance 4:3 over Mike’s Ninja Turtles. Aviators won both legs to advance 7:5 over Dynamo Silver Spring. Aviators meet Portland Red Tide, who advance 7:5 over Pioneer Detasselers. Hotspur won the second after drawing the first, advancing 5:4 over Glorydaze. Hotspur meet Elastic Norsemen, who both legs to advance 6:4 over #2 seed New Bedford Knights. Never in Mug history have four such low ranked teams advanced to the quarterfinals: Portland (#56), GameCocks (unseeded) , Germantown (unseeded) and Elastic Norsemen (unseeded).
  • Weirder Bremen (46 pts / 1st place) finished in the MFLS Weekly Top 25.

Brew City News (30-May-2006)

  • League Cup: The Summer Championship kicked off. In the 1st Division, the top four Spring finishers all lost: Champions, and overall MFLS leaders, Dynamo Silver Spring 18:22 Pioneer Detasselers, Top Shelf 24:26 acgc, Aviators 15:28 to promoted Surreywood Rangers, and Shaolin Mystigods 30:46 to this week’s top scorer, Weirder Bremen. In the 2nd Division, FC Springfield have an early lead on a 29:15 defeat of Mike’s Ninja Turtles. In the 3rd Division, Midnights Children are top courtesy of edging Real Hillsdale 28:21.
  • FA Cup: The first leg of the first knockout round saw five fairly close matches, and three where the losing side has a steep hill to climb in the second leg. Surprisingly, Aviators fall in the negative half of the latter camp, having lost away to FC Springfield 15:29. 2004 League Champion JC Comets are in the hole, losing at home, 13:28 to Surreywood Rangers. The other blowout was expected, Shaolin Mystigods 30:12 over low-scoring St. Lucie Clovers.
  • Mug’O’Suds Invitational: The first leg of the first knockout round, unseeded Bayou City FC had the largest margin of victory, hanging a 2:0 clean sheet on Mike’s Ninja Turtles. (The only side which failed to score.) Four teams scored a round-high three goals, including the 3:3 draw between unseeded GameCocks and #37 seed MSA. The other unseeded sides also did well, Elastic Norsemen 2:1 over #2 New Bedford Knights and Pioneer Detasselers drawing #56 seed Portland Red Tide 2:2. In the week’s mega-matchups, top seed Aviators downed #5 Dynamo Silver Spring 2:1 and #8 FC Chunkers edged #7 Top Shelf 3:2.
  • Top Shelf (63 pts / 8th place) and Dynamo Silver Spring (62 / 9) finished in the MFLS Weekly Top 25.

Brew City News (24-May-2006)

  • League Cup:  Dynamo Silver Spring  are, appropriately enough, Spring Champions. Dynamo defeated game FC Springfield 43:31 in the Match of the Day. Springfield were relegated despite a late season surge. The pressure got to Shaolin Mystigods, who fell to second, despite needing only a point to secure their first ever hardware. Also relegated were Phoenix TS. In the 2nd Division, every team switched places the final week. acgc leapt from third to first on a 25:-2 shellacking of Surreywood Rangers, who are still promoted due to previous second place Darcian Greywacke also losing, 4:16 to Geckos. Arrows S.C. and Creel McCoys are relegated. In the 3rd Division, In off the post won going away, on a league-high 19 points. Also promoted are Chaminade Red Devils, who stoned St. Lucie Clovers 24:6. MurphDogs fell out of second place, losing 16:30 to In off the post. Real Hillsdale finished last on a league-low 64 ‘goals’.
  • FA Cup: Advancing to the knockout rounds are MurphDogs (A1), Top Shelf (A2), Mike’s Ninja Turtles (A3), Aviators (B1), JC Comets (B2), St. Lucie Clovers (B3), Midnights Children (C1), acgc (C2), Darcian Greywacke (D1), Surreywood Rangers (D2), Alewive FC (D3), Dynamo Silver Spring (E1), FC Springfield (E2), Shaolin Mystigods (F1), Chaminade Red Devils (F2) and Arrows S.C. (F3). It turns out seven points were needed to advance to the knockout rounds as one of the top four third place sides. St. Lucie Clovers were the final qualifier, finishing third in Group B despite scoring half the ‘goals’ of fourth place Creel McCoys. Midnights Children and Dynamo Silver Spring both had a perfect 18 points. The knockout draw: Shaolin Mystigods (F1)
    St. Lucie Clovers (B3)Top Shelf (A2)
    Dynamo Silver Spring (E1)MurphDogs (A1)
    Darcian Greywacke (D1)FC Springfield (E2)
    Aviators (B1)JC Comets (B2)
    Surreywood Rangers (D2)

    Midnights Children (C1)
    Alewive FC (D3)

    Mike’s Ninja Turtles (A3)
    Arrows S.C. (F3)

    Chaminade Red Devils (F2)
    acgc (C2)

  • Mug’O’Suds Invitational: Advancing to the knockout rounds are Aviators (A1), Darcian Greywacke (A2), Hotspur (B1), New Bedford Knights (B2), Portland Red Tide (B3), Mike’s Ninja Turtles (C1), Elastic Norsemen (C2), Dynamo Silver Spring (D1), Real New Britski (D2), Pioneer Detasselers (D3), Glorydaze (E1), Top Shelf (E2), GameCocks (E3), FC Chunkers (F1), Bayou City FC (F2) and MSA (F3). Other than Alpine Dream (#3), the top eight seeds all advanced — Top Shelf only doing so on a final group round 4:2 away win over Weirder Bremen. Six points were needed to advance to the knockout rounds as one of the top four third place sides. The knockout draw includes two *HUGE* first round matchups, between FC Chunkers-Top Shelf and Aviators-Dynamo Silver Spring: FC Chunkers (F1)
    Top Shelf (E2)GameCocks (E3)
    MSA (F3)Darcian Greywacke (A2)
    Real New Britski (D2)Mike’s Ninja Turtles (C1)
    Bayou City FC (F2)Aviators (A1)
    Dynamo Silver Spring (D1)

    Pioneer Detasselers (D3)
    Portland Red Tide (B3)

    Glorydaze (E1)
    Hotspur (B1)

    New Bedford Knights (B2)
    Elastic Norsemen (C2)

  • Dynamo Silver Spring (43 pts / 3rd place) finished in the MFLS Weekly Top 25.

Brew City News (16-May-2006)

  • League Cup: There were some very competitive games throughout the league, with eight of 12 matches where eight or fewer ‘goals’ determined the match. The blowout of the week was in the 3rd Division where Midnights Children blasted the snot out of St. Lucie Clovers 34:-7. That ‘goal’ difference was 12 more than the total difference of 29 in the eight competitive matches! Shaolin Mystigods lead the 1st Division on 15 points, with only Dynamo Silver Spring on 13 still challenging. FC Springfield, who were dead and buried two weeks ago, notched another win. If they pull off a miracle, they could end up relegating Weirder Bremen or even mighty Top Shelf (both only a point ahead). In the 2nd Division, Surreywood Rangers lead on 15 points, but are not guaranteed promotion. Five teams are in the running. At the bottom, Arrows are relegated, and will be joined by either Creel McCoys or Alewive FC, who play this upcoming week. In the 3rd Division, In off the post are champions on 16 points. The other promotion spot is down to MurphDogs and Chaminade Red Devils (12 points each), plus rank outsiders JC Comets (9 points). The upcoming round of matches determines the Spring Champion, plus the first set of promotions and relegations.
  • FA Cup: With one week of group play to go, who will advance is still wide open. In Group A, only three points separate bottom side Geckos from leaders MurphDogs. Group D is in the same boat, with bottom Alewive FC only three points behind leaders Darcian Greywacke. Aviators (Group B winners), Midnights Children (Group C winners) and Dynamo Silver Spring (Group E winners) are the only sides to guarantee advancement. In Group F, pointless Real Hillsdale are the only side so far knocked out of the competition.
  • Mug’O’Suds Invitational: With one week of group play to go, #3 seed Alpine Dream joined #14 seed Avengers on the dole. Clinching advancement to the knockout rounds are Aviators (Group A), Hotspur (B), Mike’s Ninja Turtles (C), Elastic Norsemen (C), Glorydaze (E), FC Chunkers (F) and bottom-seeded Bayou City FC (F). All other teams are in with at least a chance of one of the top four third place spots. Of the current third place sides, two are on six points, and the other four are on five points. Yes, it is tight.
  • Shaolin Mystigods (40 pts / 4th place) and Midnights Children (34 / 20th) finished in the MFLS Weekly Top 25.

Brew City News (8-May-2006)

  • League Cup: Shaolin Mystigods, who have come on strong over the past year, lead the 1st Division, having defeated Phoenix TS 54:34, while previous leaders Aviators lost at home 30:37 to Dynamo Silver Spring. FC Springfield got three crucial points to avoid relegation, defeating Weirder Bremen 35:27. In the 2nd Division, Darcian Greywacke stay top despite dropping their first points of the season, losing 27:31 to Surreywood Rangers, who remain second, but only on ‘goal’ difference, +36 to +2. Arrows S.C., previously pointless, made the first step in a huge leap to avoid relegation, edging Alewive FC 40:37. In the 3rd Division, In off the post still lead, despite drawing seventh place Midnights Children 23:23.
  • FA Cup: In the Group of Eveness (D), all four teams are level on six points after the top two teams lost to the bottom two teams. Darcian Greywacke lead on ‘goal’ difference (+5, 108 ‘goals’) over Surreywood Rangers (+5, 97 ‘goals’), Pioneer Detasselers (-6) and Alewive FC (-4). The fourth place side will surely be disappointed not to advance despite out-pointing some third place sides in other groups. In Group E, Phoenix TS lost the closest game of the week, 34:35 to FC Springfield, who move up to second despite a horrible ‘goal’ difference of -28. The group leaders are MurphDogs (A), Aviators (B), Midnights Children (C), Darcian Greywacke (D), Dynamo Silver Spring (E) and Shaolin Mystigods (F). With two weeks remaining, every team is still in with a chance of advancing, even pointless Real Hillsdale.
  • Mug’O’Suds Invitational: In Group A, a battle of the “cheddar” teams saw Darcian Greywacke stay top despite drawing Real Santa Fe 4:4. Hotspur stay top of Group B, having edged sliding New Bedford Knights 5:4. In Group C, Mike’s Ninja Turtles blasted previous leaders Elastic Norsemen 7:4 to move top. Alpine Dream picked up a point, but are still four short of the precious third place spot, with only two matches to play. In Group D, leaders Pioneer Detasselers drew Badger Up FC 5:5. Badger Up FC have drawn three of four matches. In Group E, leaders Glorydaze drew powerhouse Top Shelf 5:5. Top Shelf sit in fourth on only two points. In Group F, leaders Bayou City FC continue to ride the shakey foot of Jovan Kirovski, defeating MSA 5:3.
  • Shaolin Mystigods (54 pts / 1st place) and Mike’s Ninja Turtles (53 / 3rd) finished in the MFLS Weekly Top 25.

Brew City News (1-May-2006)

  • League Cup: Two teams retain perfect records after four of seven rounds: Darcian Greywacke in the 2nd Division and In off the post in the 3rd Division. Aviators lead the 1st Division on nine points and a League high 108 ‘goals’. Two teams have failed to gain a point, FC Springfield in the 1st Division and Arrows S.C. in the 3rd. Springfield are four points from safety with three matches to play, while Arrows are a whopping six from keeping out of the cellar. The week’s tighest matches were in the 3rd Division, where the winning margins were 5, 4, 4 and 1 ‘goal’.
  • FA Cup: In Group A, Geckos moved from fourth to second on a 36:24 defeat of Top Shelf. MurphDogs lead the group on a perfect nine points. Aviators (B), Midnights Children (C) and Dynamo Silver Spring (E) also have perfect records. Darcian Greywacke lead group D on only six points despite being second high scorer (81) to Aviators 90 ‘goals’. In Group F, three teams are level on six points, Chaminade Red Devils leading on ‘goal’ difference (+16) over Shaolin Mystigods (+8) and Arrows S.C. (+4).
  • Mug’O’Suds Invitational: After three of six rounds, only Glorydaze (Group E) remain perfect. They have nine points despite only scoring five goals. (They’ve given up two, the least of all 24 sides.) Alpine Dream (C), the #3 seed, are the only side without a point. The other group leaders are Darcian Greywacke (A), Hotspur (B), Elastic Norsemen (C), Pioneer Detasselers (D) and bottom-qualifier Bayou City FC (F).
  • Geckos (36 pts / 17th place) finished in the MFLS Weekly Top 25. It was Geckos first accomplishment since joining Brew City in 2004. Congrats! :-)

Brew City News (26-Apr-2006)

  • League Cup: Dynamo Silver Spring maintained its hold atop the 1st Division, despite drawing Top Shelf 11:11. Aviators 23:29 loss to Pioneer Detasselers prevented them taking advantage. FC Springfield are bottom without a point, and having scored only 20 ‘goals’, a total worsted in the entire league only by cellar dwellers JC Comets (18) and Real Hillsdale (16). In the 2nd Division, Darcian Greywacke and Surreywood Rangers both moved a spot at the expense of acgc who dropped to third on a 12:19 loss to Mike’s Ninja Turtles. In the 3rd Division, there is usually one team that looks like it will make the jump in the Spring and Summer to compete for the League before the season is over. Not this year. Four sides are averaging less than 13 ‘goals’ a match, and several others are already in serious financial or transfer trouble.
  • FA Cup: Five of the six groups have a team with six points, two teams with three points, and a team with zero points. Very symmetrical, so far. The exception is Group B, where the teams are 6-3-1-1. Group B leaders Aviators have feasted on 2nd and 3rd Division opposition, this week assaulting St. Lucie Clovers 23:2. The most exciting matches were in Group E, both finishing on one ‘goal’ difference: Dynamo Silver Spring 11:10 In off the post and Phoenix TS 12:11 FC Springfield.
  • Mug’O’Suds Invitational: In Group A, both matches ended level at 1:1. In Group B, the De Rosario-less Alewive FC were the only team to put up a donut, losing 0:2 to Hotspur. In Group E, GameCocks were the only team to score more than one goal who did not have De Rosario in their side. GameCocks scored through Erpen and Pitchkolan, defeating Top Shelf 2:1. In Group F, Bayou City FC had high score of the week defeating FC Chunkers 4:1. A number of heavy hitters are ranked bottom of their groups: 3rd seed Alpine Dream (Group C) on zero points, 5th seed Dynamo Silver Spring (Group D) on one point, and 7th seed Top Shelf (Group E) on zero points.
  • Pioneer Detasselers (29 pts / 24th place) finished in the MFLS Weekly Top 25. It was Pioneer’s first accomplishment of any sort since 2003. Congrats! :-)

Brew City News (16-Apr-2006)

  • League Cup: Aviators bested Top Shelf 35:29 to win the week’s premier matchup. The win moves Aviators into second behind Dynamo Silver Spring who walloped Pioneer Detasselers 36:16. The most even contests were in the 2nd Division where three matches ended with ‘goal’ differences of six or fewer. acgc are the leaders on ‘goal’ difference over Darcian Greywacke and Surreywood Rangers, who also have a perfect six points. In the 3rd Division, “In off the post” fell to second despite winning, as Juice10 leapt up from third to first on the strength of a 22:4 hiding of Real Hillsdale.
  • FA Cup: Group play kicked off. The only surprise among the early leaders is Chaminade Red Devils, currently 20th in the MFLS table, who defeated Real Hillsdale 20:4 in Group F, while early favorites Shaolin Mystigods lost 15:21 to Arrows S.C.. The other group leaders are Top Shelf (A), Aviators (B), acgc (C), Surreywood Rangers (D) and Dynamo Silver Spring (E).
  • Mug’O’Suds Invitational: Group play kicked off. Most teams scored two goals through Gomez and Rolfe. Of the teams that scored three, Bayou City FC had the most unsual hat trick: Gomez (of course), but also Guevara (only on one other roster) and Kirovski (only on Germantown). Early group leaders are Darcian Greywacke (A), Portland Red Tide (B), Hometown Soccer Club (C), Pioneer Detasselers (D), Glorydaze (E) and FC Chunkers (F). Remember: The top two sides in each group, plus the four best third place sides, advance to the knockout stage.
  • Dynamo Silver Spring (36 pts / 2nd place) and Aviators (35/5) finished in the MFLS Weekly Top 25.

Brew City News (9-Apr-2006)

  • The Brew City League Cup kicked off this week with the first round of the Spring Championship. It is too early to determine who will win, but the usual suspects are at the top of the 1st Division: Top Shelf, Dynamo Silver Spring and Aviators.
  • The Brew City FA Cup seedings have been set based on the first two weeks of MLFS play. Top Shelf (Group A) and Aviators (Group B) should romp in their groups. acgc and Weirder Bremen should have a close fight in Group C. The tightest group is D, where all four teams are very even. I would not be suprised if all four end level on something like six points apiece. Dynamo Silver Spring should win Group E, as should Shaolin Mystigods in Group F
  • The second Mug’O’Suds Invitational play-in round completed, determining the final groupings for the Mug proper. One game is still undetermined: Darcian Greywacke and Wolves, who drew 2:2 have gone to the fourth tiebreaker, the quiz question, which is “Who has scored the most goals for Celtic in all competitions this season?” 10-April Update: (Darcian were first to answer John Hartson, 19, to Zurawski’s 18.)BULLDAWGS 1:1 Bayou City FC1 (Guzan 2:0 Reis)
    Shaolin Mystigods 0:2 Elastic Norsemen
    Portland Red Tide 2:1 Kingsbridge
    Nicol & Dime FC 1:1 Weirder Bremen1 (Busch 3:2 Onstad)
    1MSA 1:1 FC Sterling (Onstad 2:3 Busch)
    GameCocks 1:0 RevSolutions FC
    4Darcian Greywacke 2:2 Wolves (Answer: “Hartson”)
    1Pioneer Detasselers 2:2 SDFC Macross (Hartman 1:3 Garlick)

Brew City News (3-Apr-2006)

  • The Mug’O’Suds Invitational kicked off with the first play-in round: Kingsbridge 7:6 acgc
    Io Fury 3:6 GameCocks
    SDFC Macross 6:5 Hounds FC
    Halmstad Swedes 1:2 Bayou City FC
    BULLDAWGS 5:4 Mohawks
    Zurich Lake Gnomes 5:6 Elastic Norsemen
    Pioneer Detasselers 5:3 Dynamo Salem
    Zooropa Statix FC 2:6 Portland Red Tide

Brew City News (27-Mar-2005)

  • Mug’O’Suds Invitational: 40 teams were accepted for the 2006 Mug, including 14 of the top 16 seeds, an all-time best. Included are four former Mug’O’Suds champions, three former MFLS champions, three former Champions League champions, and four former Cup Winners Cup champions. 29 of the teams accomplished something in 2005, and all have won things at some point in their history.
  • Mug’O’Suds Order of Merit: The initial order of merit for the 2006 Mug’O’Suds Invitational (emphasis on “invitational”) has been posted.

Brew City News (25-Mar-2006)

  • Brew City FA’s 2006 lineup has been set. The 24 teams are acgc, Alewive FC, Arrows S.C., Aviators, Chaminade Red Devils, Creel McCoys, Darcian Greywacke, Dynamo Silver Spring, FC Springfield, Geckos, In off the post, JC Comets, Midnights Children, Mike’s Ninja Turtles, MurphDogs, Phoenix TS, Pioneer Detasselers, Real Hillsdale, Shaolin Mystigods, St. Lucie Clovers, Surreywood Rangers, Top Shelf, Weirder Bremen.
  • Dropping out were Appleton Aarhus (2004-2005), FC Metrofan CP (2000-2005), France (1999-2005), Guinness Gulpers (1999-2005), Mighty Raptors (2005) and Sehome Mariners (2003-2005). That’s quite a turnover, and a sad loss of two founding Brew City members.