Bosnia after Dayton: Year Two

1997-03-02 0

The most likely compromise between the current reality in Bosnia and the goal of Dayton is an extremely weak, fragile, and relatively unstable country—a country […]

Yugo Digest: 1996-07-20

1996-07-20 0

This Week: Bosnian military restructuring begins; another Canadian peacekeeping scandal; Karadzic resigns … again. 14 July 96, Sun Slovenia issued a summons to Milan Aksentijevic, […]

Yugo Digest

1996-07-14 0

The Yugo Digest was a digest of current events in the various republics of ex-Yugoslavia: Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Vojvodina, Slovenia, Montenegro & Kosovo. It was published […]

Yugo Digest: 1996-07-13

1996-07-13 0

This Week: Anniversary of Srebrenica massacre; international warrants issued for Serb leaders; increasing attacks on peacekeepers. 7 July 96, Sun A IFOR convoy was ambushed […]

Yugo Digest: 1996-07-06

1996-07-06 0

This Week: Karadzic still in power?; Dutch commander grilled by ICTY; Serbs block Srebrenica investigation; confrontation in Han P. 30 June 96, Sun Citing a […]

Yugoslav Who’s Who

1996-06-30 0

Alija Izetbegovic, President of Bosnia-Hercegovina Radovan Karadzic, President of the Republika Srpska (the Bosnian Serbs) Gen. Ratko Mladic, Bosnian Serb military commander Slobodan Milosevic, President […]

Yugo Digest: 1996-06-15

1996-06-15 0

This Week: Increasing chance of extended U.S. involvement; arms control agreement; Izetbegovic’s SDA harasses Muslim opposition. 9 June 96, Sun Serb civilians thwarted two more […]

Yugo Digest: 1996-06-08

1996-06-08 0

This Week: Mob violence continues to rise; Frowick orders doctored reports; faint hopes for electoral fairness. 2 June 96, Sun Representatives from the U.S., Europe […]

Yugo Digest: 1996-04-27

1996-04-27 0

This Week: U.S. to stay more than year; U.S. caught running arms to Bosnians; killings in Kosovo; ICTY releases suspect. Though I thought when I […]

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