Big Chief Mine

2016-02-21 3

I’ve been planning to explore the mines between the Hassayampa River and Maverick Mountain—the Gold Chief Mine, Jersey Lily Mine and Goldwater Mine—for several years, […]

Phoenix Asshole Drivers #1

2016-02-17 1

About three months ago I purchased a dashcam. I had been considering it for quite some time, and watched many review & installation videos before […]

Ford Canyon Loop

2016-02-12 0

Working too hard on transferring data from my old site to this new one to take time to set up anything outside of town. I […]

Roadside Memorials #4

2016-02-01 0

My two main hobbies are hiking and making videos. (It even says that on my twitter profile. ;-)) The subject of the videos varies: cemeteries, […]